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Who We Are

DTLA Entertainment Group, founded by partners, Charles Lago and Christopher Johnson is an entertainment company with offices in downtown Los Angeles, CA and Palm Springs, CA with an office soon to open in London, UK with three distinct divisions. Film Production, Publishing and Public Relations.

DTLA Entertainment (Films) produces Independent motion pictures and digital entertainment for distribution across all platforms including theatrical and emerging digital technologies. With a feature film (BLOOD CIRCUS) just picked up by Gravitas and another (THE TALKING TREE) about to begin shooting and two documentaries in production, DTLA Films is an active and busy production company. We currently also have four feature films optioned and in the development STAGES and two powerful documentaries in various stages of development.

Charles Lago


Charles Lago (CEO/President) is a talent manager, and film and theater producer. He is currently personal manager to actors and has over the past few years managed (or currently manages) well known actors such as Tom Sizemore, Doug Hutchison, Robert Lasardo, Sally Kellerman, Bud Cort, David Proval, Britt Ekland as well as to personalities, Richard Hatch (Winner Survivor Season 1) Courtney Stodden (Social Media Influencer) Heidi Fliess, George Christie (former leader of The Hells Angels), Josh Flagg (BRAVO TV personality), and musician Bertie Higgins.

Charles’s journey began with “Authors on Tour” working with renowned authors including Arianna Huffington, John Dean, Mariel Hemmingway, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Gov. Anne Richards, Sen. George McGovern, Tommy Chong, Phillis Diller, Dennis Rodman, Ed McMahon, and many others. This eventually led to the formation of DTLA Entertainment Group, founded by Charles and partner Chris Johnson.

Having worked with many luminaries in the world of film, theater, and politics, DTLA expanded its business to include film production publishing and talent management.

Prior to “Authors on Tour” and “DTLA Entertainment Group”, Charles Lago was a successful theater producer, first in Palm Springs producing over a hundred plays/one-man shows followed by a seven-year stint in San Diego. In 2000, the San Diego Union-Tribune named Charles “one of the most prolific theater producers in San Diego.” Charles founded the well-known 6@Penn Studio and during his tenure at 6@Penn, Charles produced many one-man shows including Sherry Glaser’s Family Secrets (the longest-running one-woman show off-Broadway), Legendary Performance Artist Annie Sprinkle’s Herstory of Porn, David Schmader’s acclaimed one-man show, Straight, internationally-acclaimed solo performance artist Tim Miller’s one-man shows, and many other successful and well-reviewed plays.

Charles is also known for having revived and produced well-known satirist Quentin Crisp’s critically acclaimed one-man show, An Evening With Quentin Crisp and took Quentin on the road to several US Cities to perform his show to sold-out houses. In 1999 Charles arranged a six-city tour of the UK, which immediately sold out. Unfortunately, the night Quentin arrived in Manchester for his first show, he died peacefully in his sleep at age 90. All the performances went on as planned which offered a tribute to this unique personality who had a film starring John Hurt made about him, The Naked Civil Servant as well as a chart-topping song by Sting, An Englishman In New York.

Previous to entering the world of entertainment, Charles had a successful career in law enforcement. He divides his time between Los Angeles and what he calls, his desert paradise of Palm Springs with his beloved doggie Max.


Christopher Johnson (COO/CFO/Publishing)

christopher johnson

Chris Johnson is a business executive, book publisher, and theater producer. As a publisher, he has published John W. Dean’s Blind Ambition: The End of the Story, BravoTV personality Josh Flagg’s Million Dollar Agent, Hollywood mega Producer Jonathan D. Krane’s The Art & Science of Filmmaking and School Emergency Management: A Practical Approach to Implementation written by Jeff Kaye.

In 2006, Chris started a business venture with Authors on Tour which provided author lectures and events to a variety of venues. This eventually led to the formation of DTLA Entertainment Group, founded by Chris and partner Charles Lago. Today, DTLA focuses include Talent Management, Publishing and Film Production.

At DTLA Chris oversees the Publishing side of things and works closely with our DTLA published authors. He is also actively involved in the film Production aspects primarily behind the scenes as a Producer.

Chris is proud to call Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) his home and loves living the “City Loft” lifestyle.


Ricky Borba (Vice President, Film Production)

Ricky Borba

Ricky Borba, raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento resident for over ten years now, has been involved with film and television in one way or another for over 30 years. His feature‐film directorial debut, The Talking Tree, was filmed in the Sacramento area in 2018 and will be in theaters this holiday season. His second directorial film, My Brothers’ Crossing, was filmed in Virginia in the summer of 2019 and will also be in theaters this holiday season. Both films brought together casts of Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe nominated talent including Sally Kirkland, Daniel Roebuck, Doug Hutchison, Jenn Gotzon and Joe Estevez.

Another talent Ricky has been hired for in the film industry is as a “script doctor.” With “The Talking Tree” and “My Brothers’ Crossing”, Ricky was given permission to extensively rewrite dialogue and entire scenes to sound more natural and concise. Among his other works, he wrote 3 seasons of the WB Television show “Gamer Nation”, and multiple web series in the Sacramento and San Francisco area. More recently, Ricky was hired to write the treatment for a multi-million dollar World War II film based in the Philippines that will be released in 2021. Along with that film, Ricky spent the summer of 2019 rewriting the script for a film entitled “Broken Strings”, which is now in pre-production.

Ricky has acted in numerous independent films, as well as hosted a nationally syndicated television show on the WB Network. In addition to directing and writing, his other behind the camera talents include producing and editing.

His credits include commercials and media for major companies such as Disney, The Game Show Network, Comcast, SMOSH, the City of  Sacramento and IGN to name a few. Ricky now resides in Roseville, California, with his wife and five children.

A link to his IMDb page can be found here:




Jayel Aheram (PR and Marketing Consultant)

Jayel Aheram

Jack has been with DTLA since its inception and has created and managed national publicity campaigns developed social media and digital strategy, and produced print and media for authors, high-profile celebrity clients, and independent films. He has worked with celebrities such as nine-time Emmy-winner Cloris Leachman, actor Tom Sizemore, Oscar-nominated actress Sally Kellerman, and international recording artist Bertie Higgins.

A former United States Marine who served two tours in Iraq, Noftsger is an internationally published photographer whose work has drawn acclaim from notable names such as Yoko Ono and Rosie O’Donnell. His photography have been featured and published in more than a hundred print, television, and online venues including Nature, the New Yorker, Poets & Writers, The Desert Sun, NPR, Fox News, Marine Corps Times, and the Italian book cover of Warren I. Cohen’s bestselling book “America’s Failing Empire.” He is a popularly exhibited artist featured in more than a dozen exhibitions, including three critically-acclaimed solo exhibitions, two of which had been named by Palm Springs newspaper The Desert Sun’s “Hot Picks of the Desert” in two different years. According to the Desert Sun, “Aheram’s photographs, like deserts themselves, depict scenes of beauty and desolation. ‘The Harsh Desert’ goes beyond the theater of war to reveal an Iraq few Americans have seen.” In the summer of 2011, he was honored by the City of Palm Desert with a solo exhibition of his collection “In Martial Hues.” The same collection was chosen by College of the Desert’s Marks Art Center for an exhibition in December 2011.



Bryce Nicastro (Media and Graphic Design Director)

Bryce is an experienced graphic artist and web design/development specialist with an extensive background in the film industry. Beginning with a career in luxury retail branding and marketing with Sugarfina, Bryce collaborated with and designed for international brands such as Nordstrom, Pinterest, Paramount, Netflix, Missoni, and many more. While managing a sales team and several high-profile corporate accounts, Bryce excelled in creating hundreds of custom packaging designs and marketing materials for a rapidly-growing luxury retail company.

After designing for corporate retail, Bryce focused his talents on the film industry, designing websites and marketing material for film production and talent management companies in Los Angeles. His experience in corporate management and working alongside film producers lead Bryce to begin working on film sets in the Assistant Directing Department. Having operated on several films, Bryce’s most recent work includes Unit Production Manager of The Talking Tree, filmed in Sacra-
mento and Roseville, CA.

Since graduating from UCLA, with a degree in music, Bryce has concentrated his efforts on building a graphic/website design company with specializations in branding and marketing. He is also currently the Artistic Director of the Los Angeles based production company, Clago Productions.