American Terrorist

American terroristDoug Cotton is a wealthy retired Doctor from the small farming community of Visalia, CA who married his high school sweetheart, Shirley. They had a daughter while Doug was in Vietnam serving a tour of duty as a sniper.

His daughter married and had a son Michael. When Michael was just a little guy Doug’s daughter and son-in-law were killed in a car accident. Doug and Shirley took on the responsibility of raising Michael and they spent all their free time being parents to him. For Doug, he was more than just a grandchild, he was like the son he never had. He did everything with Michael.

When the twin towers were destroyed Michael was only around 11 years old but he had already made up his mind that he wasn’t going to college right after high school but wanted to serve his country in the United States Army. Shirley passed away from cancer while Michael was in High School and that strengthened him and Doug’s bond even deeper. Michael signed up with the Army and soon became part of the special forces as a Medical Sergeant. During Michael’s weeks of training to go to Afghanistan Doug studied the Pashto and Dari the languages of Afghanistan and became very familiar with every part of the country and the war on terrorism.

When Michael was killed in Afghanistan from an I.E.D. Doug’s life fell apart. The grief he felt so deep inside soon turned into heart wrenching anger and hatred for all the Radical Muslim Terrorist’s. He gave up his vow as as doctor to save lives and instead made a vow to Michael’s spirit that he would build I.E.D.’s in his shop out back and hunt down the known terrorist cells in America and blow them to pieces. After several months of acquiring all the material and weapons he needed he mapped out his course of action and went on his own personal mission to hunt down the terrorist’s in America and kill them.

Doug starts his mission on the West Coast not far from home as he hunts down training camps, mosques and individuals that were sympathizers to the Radical Muslim Terrorist’s and their organizations. He killed countless numbers of them as he blew them up with his IEDs and took them out with his sniper rifle. Moving from target to target he travels throughout the United States and destroys every one he can. He travels to Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, New York, Ohio, Michigan and many other states in his quest.

After every mission, he would talk to what he thought was Michael’s spirit and tell him how many terrorist’s he had killed for him.

After months of killing his targets it began to get out to the rest of America there were Radical Muslim Terrorist’s living right next to them and planning their own Jihad against the West. Many of the Radical Muslim Terrorist’s were home grown sympathizers and Doug resented them the most after they lived in a free America their entire life and then turned their back on their country. The American people began to get on board with what Doug was doing, becoming more aware who was plotting against America.

Unfortunately, Doug’s journey lead him to kill, what he believed, were innocent women and children and that began to haunt him as he went from place to place blowing them up. He made one last stand against the Radical Muslim Terrorist when he uncovered a plot where a group of about 40 of the Terrorists were going to infiltrate Disney World in Florida and kill thousands of innocent people. He knew he had to stop them even if it meant losing his own life in trying.

The American Terrorist leads through each of Doug’s missions as he carefully and meticulously hunts down his enemy and destroys them. It will be up to you if you think he was a hero to America or just another terrorist.

About Ron Carter:

Ron L. Carter’s roots reach back to the hills of the Ozark mountains of Arkansas where being poor was nothing more than a way of life. He came from Grandparents that lived off the fruits of the land, but he was raised in California by migrant working parents that had a dream of a better life out west.

Ron spent 21 months in the US Army and a year tour of duty in Vietnam. Upon returning from Vietnam, Ron enrolled in college and went onto become a very successful businessman working in the Insurance, Real Estate and Construction business until he retired in 2010. Ron is married with two biological grown children and one adopted daughter. He has two grandchildren and his only grandson was the inspiration for this book. Rone divides his time between Vassila and Palm Desert, CA.


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