MARKED – Written by George Christie

Follow Marine Scout Sniper Jack Crest as he returns from the jungles of Vietnam, only to find little left that he can call home. His parents having died in a tragic accident, Jack picks up the pieces with old friends in the outlaw biker brotherhood. Rejoining the Question Marks motorcycle club, he discovers that the outlaw world that has changed radically in his absence.

The Marks have spread across the United States and battles for territory and zealous law enforcement persecution have become part of club life.  Jack soon finds that he has left one war behind, only to place himself in the middle of another. Haunted by a league of lost souls he dispatched in that faraway land, he seeks peace for himself and the club. But local law enforcement, secretive federal officials, and even his own club brothers, conspire against his efforts and endanger his leadership and his life. Ultimately he ll have to decide between leading an unwilling club down the long, hard road to peace, or giving in to his demons and destroying everything in his path.

About The Author

George Christie, Jr. was born in 1947 in Ventura, California to a family of Greek immigrants and grew up as an only child. From an early age, motorcycles and outlaw culture fascinated him, and by the time he started school, his intelligence and rebellious attitude set him apart from his peers. As a teenager, he became an avid surfer, who are outlaws in their own rite. Over the objections of his father, he bought his first bike, a 1957 Panhead, for $200 in 1966, and was soon hanging around with outlaw bike clubs The Question Marks, Satan Slaves and famous motorcycle customizers Von Dutch and Dick Woods. As George puts it, “some people run away and join the circus. I ran away and joined the Hells Angels.” He became a full-patch Hells Angel in the Los Angeles charter in 1976 and, six months later, became president of that charter before founding the Ventura charter in 1978. His tenure as such was the longest in the clubs history, spanning 7 U.S. Presidential terms beginning with Gerald Ford and ending with Barack Obama.

As a club leader in Ventura, he became one of the most powerful voices in the national Hells Angels organization and spent three decades battling the law, rivals and members of his own club while building the clubs daily business operations. He famously carried the Olympic torch in the 1984 Los Angeles Games. After challenging the Kennedy family over fund disbursements for Special Olympics, he found himself on the radar of many police agencies as well as the establishment. Never one to back down, he went on a worldwide pilgrimage for peace between all outlaw bike clubs declaring law enforcement their common enemy. This made him a police target for the next three decades.

In 1986/87, he was tried for a murder that never happened and after spending a year in federal prison; he was found not guilty and cleared of all charges. In 1997, the Ventura District Attorney launched an investigation, and after three grand juries, George was arrested in 2001 with a 59-count indictment. He spent a year in solitary confinement before the case collapsed under its own weight. George was offered a plea bargain for time served, which he took. In 2011, he resigned his presidency of the Ventura charter and left the club. His former brothers quickly excommunicated George. The feds wasted no time and within weeks came with an indictment for a 2006 conspiracy to firebomb two Ventura tattoo shops.

As George faced a mandatory life sentence if found guilty, the government offered a plea deal, but he would have to accept responsibility for the arson. In a surprise move just before sentenced was rendered, Mr. Christie asked to address the court. He explained to Judge Wu that he had not directed anyone to burnout the two shops but would accept responsibility for poor leadership. The court accepted his explanation, and after two years on house arrest recovering from double hip replacements, George left for a Texas Federal prison where he would spend the next year. In August of 2014, he was released from custody.

George currently serves as a consultant for defense attorneys, news outlets and works with first time offenders to understand the judicial process. He lives with his wife and son in Southern California and has three adult children. He has no regrets.


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