House Rules AFM poster


Zack Dillon is an ex-MMA fighter down on his luck. He is divorced from his wife, and can barely take care of their 7 year old boy. Zack is contacted by an underground group that organizes on-line fights. Participants from all over the world can connect to the website through a secret password, watch the live combat, and bet on the fighters. The money offered to Zack is too difficult to turn down, and the opportunity to turn his life around too big to refuse. Little does he know that these fights are to the death. Only the winner will come out alive.



Starring Tom Sizemore, Jamie Nocher, Kevin Nash, Vincent Pastore, Christy Carlson Romano and Chuck Zito with special appearances from MMA fighters: DaDa 5000 and John “Doomsday” Howard. Directed by Jacob Cooney, written by Eric Weinstock and produced by Charles Lago, David Gere, and Christopher Johnson. Click here for the full cast and crew.


A DTLA Entertainment Group film.

Click here for the official film site.

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