OPERATION DOUBLE EAGLE captures the lives of six exceptional veterans, from their struggles overcoming physical and mental hardships, to their unique family lives, and their journey to ultimate victory competing in the Veteran Golfers Association’s National Championship on the greens of one of the world’s most famous golf courses, Pinehurst No.2 at the Pinehurst Resort. It tells the story of Andrew Smith, an Army veteran and wounded warrior who lost both of his legs during his first deployment to Afghanistan, who persevered against all odds to qualify for the national championship and then became a champion. It tells the story of Ramon Padilla, a retired Army staff sergeant and wounded warrior whose unit and deeds were the subject of the award-winning documentary “Restrepo”, who is overcoming PTSD and an amputated hand to become an accomplished golfer. It also tells the remarkable stories of four other wounded warriors and veteran golfers who are overcoming physical and mental hardships on their quests to become champions!



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