Rosenaldo Benitez III (25) is an accomplished dancer and model who was born and raised in Texas. ‘Ro’ as his friends call him, has been dancing since he could remember. Rosenaldo didn’t really get serious about dance until he was 11 years old when he performed his first jazz duet and that’s when he says he fell in love with dance. He went on to win many titles such as Dance Power National Solo Champion, Dance Power High Point, ADTS Solo Winner, Dance Line Solo Champion,  and was an NYCDA finalist and competed at the Dance Worlds national event.
After high school, Ro went straight to AMDA to get his Performing Arts degree.
After college, he performed several dance events such as a music video for “Ignorant” by Whipped Cream, performed for the Dolls Kill opening party, was the headliner for the West Hollywood Holloween Extravaganza where 200,000 people attend annually, headlined the main stage at Los Angeles Pride, “Countdown” as a Gray Alien, Beyond Wonderland as a Time Keeper, performed at EDC Mexico, EDC Japan  and performed for over 450,000 thousand people at EDC Las Vegas.
Throughout his dance carreer, modeling was a close second. As Ro says, “you become a whole different person while shooting and just one photo, can say a thousand things”. Ro has walked Palm Springs Fashion Week for Andre Emery,  modeled for companies such as Benefit Cosmetics, Dolls Kill, Hologram City, Warrior Within, X, Grateful Dead, Club Exx, and was the face of Brunch Wear. He has been featured in Teen Vogue, Vogue Italia, Dark Beauty Magazine, and was featured on the cover of Zynon Magazine.
Dance continues to be Ro’s first love and he continues to perform all over the world. Today, Rosenaldo lives in San Franciso.