JACK is a hardened ex-cop, formerly of the Las Vegas Police Department Homicide Unit. After almost 30 years on the job, he spends his time throwing back Vodka Waters, flirting with aging strippers, and sitting around the craps table. One day he gets a call from the past – the mother of his son Alex, from whom he has long been estranged, tells him she has a problem. Jack’s father, Dan, was once the criminal kingpin of their small Nevada town, operating out of a seedy motel and dealing with pimps, drug dealers and hitmen. At a young age, Jack ran away from it all, fleeing to the big city and promising to never look back.

After Dan’s death, and with Jack out of the picture, Alex decided to take over the family business, along with the women, money, power, and danger that came along with it. Now it seems that he was in over his head – after a year in control, he’s gone missing, and Jack is the only one that can find him. Jack must traverse the rotting, crime and drug infested underworld he once swore he would never return to in order to find his own flesh and blood. His first stop – the USA Motel.