Public Relations

Authors & Books, Actors & Musicians, Events & Festivals, and Lifestyle Publicty

DTLA PR is a full-service public relations agency focused on Authors & Books, Actors & Musicians, Events & Festivals, and Lifestyle Publicity.

DTLA PR has worked with international and national bestselling authors and actors over the years, bringing books and their writers to bestselling status and bringing media visibility to actors, musicians and businesses alike. The services that we offer on this front include: book reviews, formulating author talking points, national and regional talk show placements, national book tour press, radio tours, profile pieces on authors, actors and musicians, exclusive placements with media, targeted blogger campaigns, working in tandem with book publishers, creating original pitches and materials on behalf of the author and their book, and more.

DTLA PR believes in delivering results that exceed expectations. We strive to provide strategic, purposeful publicity campaigns, exceptional client service, and unparalleled media communication. You can count on us to be innovative in our approach, creative in our branding and marketing solutions, and exceptional in our attitude to go above and beyond. Our commitment to engaging audiences – both consumer and media – combined with professionalism, personality, and big picture thinking, offer you a one-of-a-kind experience.


Literary Representation

Our Author clients include non-fiction and adult fiction. We represent or have represented, former White House Counsel to President Nixon, John Dean, Political Commentator, Arianna Huffington, Senator George McGovern, Watergate figure, Susan McDougal, and actors Cloris Leachman, Tommy Chong, Sally Kellerman, Tom Sizemore to name a few.

Literary Project Management

We are "book shepherds" and work with traditionally published authors and independent authors. We act as project managers and consult with authors on book development, marketing opportunities, and speaking services.

Book Trailers and Author Videos

Marketing-savvy authors are well aware that success in the market is directly related to their ability to create awareness for their book and build demand. New in an authors’ marketing arsenal is the use of video to promote books. Readers get an amazing introduction and preview by giving them the opportunity to see and hear a video trailer about your book.

Blogging/Podcast Network

We have established a blogging and podcast network to bring additional awareness to a book PR campaign, a movie release, lifestyle business or an event with reviews from bloggers and interviews on well-known podcasts.

Film PR

We will create and implement release campaigns for independent films and documentaries, all the while working closely with producers, independent distributors, production companies, and filmmakers. From a pre-release launch, film festival debut and through international roll out around the globe, we are dedicated to maximizing the potential of your feature film, documentary, and TV project by crafting innovative and energetic.


Events and Festivals are an entity of themselves. The most successful festivals and events carefully build their brand, marketing, and online buzz to set themselves apart from a highly competitive field. DTLA PR’s unique specialties of publicity and marketing make us your best choice to help your event stand apart.

Actor/Musician Promotion

Publicity should be about publicizing the work of an artist. A good strategic publicity campaign should focus on building upon an actor or musician great performance, which would then create new professional opportunities. DTLA represents or has represented, Tom Sizemore, Cloris Leachman, Sally Kellerman, Britt Ekland, David Proval, Doug Hutchison, Heidi Fliess and Tim “Slim Man” Camponeschi to name a few.

Lifestyle Publicity Campaigns

We publicize individuals and organizations and create appropriate pitches to the media and secure interviews to impact the visibility of the organization that impacts sales and growth.

DTLA PR’s unique specialty of publicity and marketing makes us your best choice to help you stand apart.

We also offer services for, Author Tours and Events, Website Design and Social Media Marketing.

Expertise in talent, music, lifestyle, authors and books.
Creation of attention grabbing promotional materials for clients including Electronic Press Kits (EPK), and social media design.
Press release writing and innovative pitching to the media.
Writing enticing online and print articles.
Scheduling media appearances and interviews, individual press tours.
Social media marketing and platform strategy for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Media training.
Fashion and image consulting.
Author and Book Publicity.
Film publicity and premiers.
National and regional press campaigns.
Press Tours.
Event publicity.

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