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Charles Lago and Christopher Johnson founded DTLA Publishing in 2009.

Focusing on their passion for Entertainment, Lifestyle, Self-Improvement, and Food, the publishing house connects readers with unique stories and ideas. DTLA Publishing publishes thoughtful, entertaining, and inspiring books for the general public in entertainment, lifestyle, food, self-improvement, guidebooks, along with celebrity biographies and tell-all books in the entertainment industry.


Hollywood mega-producer Jonathan D. Krane’s
The Art and Science of Moviemaking
George Englund’s biography of Marlon Brando
The Way It’s Never Been Done Before: My Friendship with Marlon Brando
Former Reno, NV, Police Sergeant Jeff Kaye and former Desert Hot Springs, CA Police Chief, Roy Hill's
School Emergency Management: A Practical Approach - The number one guide on school safety planning;
The political thriller Captive by Entertainment Attorney, Megan Jones;
Top celebrity realtor and BRAVO TV star, Josh Flagg's Million Dollar Agent: Brokering the Dream;
and former White House Counsel John W. Dean’s Blind Ambition: The End of the Story, The definitive insider’s account of the Watergate scandal with a powerful new afterword.


The second half of 2017 will bring four exciting new books from DTLA Publishing;

MAD ABOUT MEN: A MEMOIR; From music business marketing executive, Madelyn Morgan a (mostly) true, laugh-out-loud account of a successful executive single mother’s search for love.

“Racy, raw, sometimes vulgar, always hilarious,” according to a guy in Chapter 32 who actually read it. An account of dating and sex from a liberated, confident, unapologetic MILF in her 40s. A warmly relatable story, even though it sounds like a sordid, lustful tale of promiscuity (which it also is, the author admits).

MAD ABOUT MEN IS NOT: • A self-help book about relationships • About a woman who finds herself after some extreme, soul-searching, incredible journey. • A sticking-finger-in-throat sappy account of finding true love and living happily ever after. • Only for women to read. Madelyn gains a new perspective on relationships after a series of major losses (some devastating, some not so much). Root for her as she entertains each potential suitor and laughs with her (or at her) as she tries to make sense of what she wants, what men want, and what to do next. Whether or not you’ve ever swiped right, matched, or flirted with the flight attendant, you’ll relate to Madelyn’s search for love and (hot) sex—not necessarily in that order. Go ahead and judge her, she won’t mind.

SLIM MAN COOKS: Slim Man--singer, songwriter, cook, and jolly good fellow--has created the world's first serenading cookbook.

It features 52 ravishing recipes, 52 stellar stories, and 16 sensational Slim Man songs. There are lots of classic Italian dishes here--all with a Slim twist. You'll also get a healthy helping of Mr. Man's own tasty creations, and even some scrumptious family favorites. All of the recipes have QR codes. Just scan them with your phone and watch quick cooking videos of Slim Man showing you what to do. All 52 recipes start with stories--funny stories about his Italian family, his wild ride in the music biz, and his canine sidekick, Batu. Included free with every cookbook: a Sweet Sixteen CD featuring the top 16 Slim Man songs of all time. The dishes are delectable and imaginative, the stories are intriguing and amusing, and the music is...well you know!

MARKED: A NOVEL: A fictionalized account of the adventures of George Christie former leader of the world famous, Hells Angels.

Marine Scout Sniper Jack Crest returns from the jungles of Vietnam, only to find little left that he can call home. His parents having died in a tragic accident, Jack picks up the pieces with old friends in the outlaw biker brotherhood. Rejoining the Question Marks motorcycle club, he discovers that the outlaw world that has changed radically in his absence. The Marks have spread across the United States and battles for territory and zealous law enforcement persecution have become part of club life. Jack soon finds that he has left one war behind, only to place himself in the middle of another. Haunted by a league of lost souls he dispatched in that faraway land, he seeks peace for himself and the club. But local law enforcement, secretive federal officials, and even his own club brothers conspire against his efforts and endanger his leadership and his life. Ultimately he’ll have to decide between leading an unwilling club down the long, hard road to peace, or giving in to his demons and destroying everything in his path.

BEWARE OF THE CABLE GUY: A True Crime Book; David Middleton is the only convicted serial killer in American history who is also an ex-Police Officer.

Once a respected Miami Police Detective, he now awaits execution on death row in Nevada. Middleton preyed on women he met while working as a cable television installer after having been fired from the Miami Police Department. While serving on the Miami PD, Middleton was arrested for sexual assault and kidnapping and subsequently fired. He brutally tortured his victims in a makeshift chamber of horrors before killing them, but the heinous crimes he was convicted of are just a part of this story. The unsolved murder of Buffy Rice Donahue and her surviving family wait with indignation as fingers point to local law enforcement officials who let Middleton slip away to go on his last killing spree before getting captured in Reno.


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