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Doug Hutchison Autobiography. (Releasing September 2nd, 2019)

In his memoir , “Fake News, Fake Boobs … Flushing Hollywood’, — veteran actor/ director/producer/screenwriter/author — Doug Hutchison shares his extraordinary adventures from childhood and ultimately into the surreal world of the entertainment industry. Doug’s book is akin to a pie cut into three sections: 1] CHILDHOOD/TEENAGE LIFE TOWARD AN ULTIMATE CAREER IN ACTING 2] THE SURREALITY OF HOLLYWOOD and 3] HUTCHISON’S CONTROVERSIAL MARRIAGE TO SIXTEEN YEAR OLD, COURTNEY STODDEN, WHO ROSE TO INTERNATIONAL INFAMY AS “THE CHILD BRIDE” In “Fake News, Fake Boobs … Flushing Hollywood”, Hutchison finally shares the unabashed truth with his readers writing frankly about such topics as: > The determination and sacrifices it takes to “make it” in Hollywood > The feast, famine, competition, and back-stabbing of the entertainment world > Brushing up against blatant racism, sexism, greed, and politicalized prejudice, with specific celebrities — such as Jamie Foxx, Sam Jackson, Sean Penn, and Leonardo DiCaprio > What it was like working with Tom Hanks. > Being blackballed by the industry at large > Contending with a Mother-in-Law from Hell > The “fake news” of entertainment media.

And eventually …

Startling and revealing [never before uncovered] revelations regarding aspects of his marriage to Courtney Stodden — “The Teenage Bride”. In his refreshingly frank and candid memoir, Hutchison tells the truth … the whole truth … and nothing but the truth regarding his bitter-sweet journey down the rabbit-hole of Hollywood … in his book, “Fake News, Fake Boobs … Flushing Hollywood”.

Gabriel’s Trial (Late 2019)
By Robert Lasardo

Gabriel is being haunted by an ugly premonition that has turned his life into a living nightmare. He is troubled by a series of strange encounters with a mysterious woman that seem to mark his reckoning. When his mind becomes plagued by superstition he must look deep into the hearts of those who love him to discover the truth and reclaim his sanity. This is the first work of fiction penned by the author.

About Robert Lasardo:

Robert LaSardo was born in Brooklyn, New York. He began his career studying at the High School of Performing Arts in New York City where he became an honors student, before going on to the Stella Adler Studio of Acting. He spent four years in the U.S. Navy. For two of those years, he handled Navy attack dogs in the Aleutian Islands. Due to his work in the military, his supports USA Cares, an organization that supports families of soldiers.

LaSardo started his acting career in 1987 with the independent film China Girl by Abel Ferrara. After several smaller roles, he appeared in award-winning TV series such as The X-Files, Nip/Tuck and CSI: Miami, most often playing the bad guy involved in drug dealing or even being the leader of a drug gang.

He also played in several movies portraying similar ruthless characters, including blockbuster productions, such as Waterworld or The Mule with Clint Eastwood. In the last two decades, he appeared often in independent horror movies, such as in The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence), Anarchy Parlor where he plays a tattoo artist in the lead role. Most recently Robert appeared in the independent films, Calico Skies, Blood Circus, The Talking Tree, as well as Psych: The Movie for USA Network.

LaSardo lives with his family on the West Coast and has published an autobiography, Life Sentence.

Beware of the Cable Guy: From Cop to Serial Killer
By Sgt. Jeff Kaye

David Middleton sits on Death Row in a prison in Ely, Nevada awaiting execution nearly twenty-five years after he was convicted of the kidnap and murders of two women in Reno NV. How Middleton went from being a respected Detective with the Miami Police Department to a Reno cable T.V. installer who selected his victims while installing their service is only part of this story.


Middleton was convicted of kidnap and sexual assault in Miami in 1990, crimes he committed while wearing his police uniform and driving his city car. An early release from prison allowed him to make it to Montrose, Colorado three years later, where he kidnapped and murdered eighteen-year-old Buffy Rice-Donohue. A proper investigation into her disappearance might have kept this serial killer from ever making it to Reno to kill again. Breakdowns in the criminal justice system allowed Middleton to continue with his crimes, and questions still remain unanswered on what was missed along the way. One police department still refuses to talk about these questions, or the reasons why the man who murdered Buffy Rice-Donohue has never been charged with that crime. This book contains new and updated information about a story that will continue until there is closure to both Buffy’s case, and to the life of the Cable Guy.  

About the Author:

Jeff Kaye is a retired Sergeant from the Reno, Nevada Police Department. After twenty-five years of service there, he entered the realm of school safety and is currently the President of a school emergency management planning and training company. He continues to write, but his most recent books are in areas related to keeping kids safe in schools.

Marked: A Story of Lies, Loyalty, Betrayal and Brotherhood.

By George Christie

markedFollow Marine Scout Sniper Jack Crest as he returns from the jungles of Vietnam, only to find little left that he can call home. His parents having died in a tragic accident, Jack picks up the pieces with old friends in the outlaw biker brotherhood. Rejoining the Question Marks motorcycle club, he discovers that the outlaw world that has changed radically in his absence. The Marks have spread across the United States and battles for territory and zealous law enforcement persecution have become part of club life. <pr> Jack soon finds that he has left one war behind, only to place himself in the middle of another. Haunted by a league of lost souls he dispatched in that faraway land, he seeks peace for himself and the club. But local law enforcement, secretive federal officials, and even his own club brothers, conspire against his efforts and endanger his leadership and his life. Ultimately he ll have to decide between leading an unwilling club down the long, hard road to peace, or giving in to his demons and destroying everything in his path.

About The Author:

George Christie, Jr. was born in 1947 in Ventura, California to a family of Greek immigrants and grew up as an only child. From an early age, motorcycles and outlaw culture fascinated him, and by the time he started school, his intelligence and rebellious attitude set him apart from his peers. As a teenager, he became an avid surfer, who are outlaws in their own rite. Over the objections of his father, he bought his first bike, a 1957 Panhead, for $200 in 1966, and was soon hanging around with outlaw bike clubs The Question Marks, Satan Slaves and famous motorcycle customizers Von Dutch and Dick Woods. As George puts it, “some people run away and join the circus. I ran away and joined the Hells Angels.” He became a full-patch Hells Angel in the Los Angeles charter in 1976 and, six months later, became president of that charter before founding the Ventura charter in 1978. His tenure as such was the longest in the clubs history, spanning 7 U.S. Presidential terms beginning with Gerald Ford and ending with Barack Obama.


Mad About Men: A MeNmoir
By Madelyn Morgan

mad_about_menMAD ABOUT MEN IS:

– A (mostly) true, laugh-out-loud account of a successful executive single mother’s search for love.

– “Racy, raw, sometimes vulgar, always hilarious,” according to a guy in Chapter 32 who actually read it.

– An account of dating and sex from a liberated, confident, unapologetic MILF in her 40s.

– A warmly relatable story, even though it sounds like a sordid, lustful tale of promiscuity (which it also is, the author admits).


– A self-help book about relationships.

– About a woman who finds herself after some extreme, soul-searching, incredible journey.

– A sticking-finger-in-throat sappy account of finding true love and living happily ever after.

– Only for women to read.

Madelyn gains a new perspective on relationships after a series of major losses (some devastating, some not so much). Root for her as she entertains each potential suitor and laugh with her (or at her) as she tries to make sense of what she wants, what men want, and what to do next. Whether or not you’ve ever swiped right, Match’ed, or flirted with the flight attendant, you’ll relate to Madelyn’s search for love and (hot) sex–not necessarily in that order. Go ahead and judge her, she won’t mind.

About Adelyn Organ:

Madelyn Morgan is a music business marketing executive. After years of using her creative talent for the benefit of others, she decided to focus on her first love, writing. She also hosts a weekly radio segment (her second love), also called Mad About Men, which airs on WIYY, Baltimore. Morgan lives in New York City with her teenage kid (her true love), who is not allowed to read this book until she’s 18. Maybe 21.


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